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Bára and Heimir are a couple in their thirties. Heimir works in a bank as a credit expert. Bára oversees the management and design in a little startup company that she owns together with Heimir and another couple. For three years, Heimir and Bára have been trying to conceive a child without any success. They see a doctor, an expert, in hope for some answers but despite both of them undertaking thorough examinations, no explanation can be found. These news come as a shock to Bára and Heimir and as they start to undertake IVF treatments, the strain increases in their relationship. Everything has changed. The treatments take time from work, the uncertainty and fear of never being able to have a child together, creates tension between the couple and their own powerlessness becomes increasingly palpable in their lives. Being different from others isn’t easy. Not being able to start a family, like everyone else around them, proves to be a delicate matter and they start to hide their situation from the closest circle of family and friends. They can no longer be themselves. Their whole being and relationship falls into the shadow of their struggle to conceive and their relationship, as well as their own limits, is for the first time truly put to the test. Having to sustain the nagging uncertainty of whether or not one of the humans basic needs, the need to reproduce, can be realised in their own lives, forces them to face themselves and how far a desire can drive them, the limbo of life and what really matters. But no pain suffered, no trial experienced, is wasted and in the end the couple finds the value of life in its vicissitudes.
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