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Original title: Qivitoq
On the day of her graduation Arna is still grieving for her mother, the only parent she ever knew. Her mother passed away without ever speaking of Arna‘s father and the only thing Arna knows is that he is Greenlandic and left her and her mother alone in Copenhagen when Arna was just a baby. When Arna‘s boyfriend pressures her to settle down with him and start a family she realises that she has been living her whole life on other people‘s premises and she neither knows who she is nor what she wants. While struggling to keep up the facade she finds a little box with Greenlandic memorabilia her mother left her and then there‘s no turning back; the urge to discover her roots takes over. She applies for a job as a nurse at a retirement home in her father‘s hometown of Sisimiut 100 km north of the Arctic Circle and leaves everything behind in Iceland to start a journey of discovery.
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