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Michal Kracmer

Profession: ProducerProducerProducerProducer
Country: Czech Republic
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Kids From East

KIDS FROM EAST is a movie about children desire for adventure and the power of friendship which develops by common experiencing of danger. Our main hero, 10 years old Sasha, is a member of a children ...
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Meek Swans

Alexander, a 25 year old student from Skopje, is enjoying his scholar life at the Film Academy in Prague, receiving a regular scholarship every month. Weed and laziness is what brings his life to a ...
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The Beauteous

Jakub is delicately charming, David magically captivating. They both attract attention of the outer world, but they do not own their lives. The journey to find their own identity, integrity and ...
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The Ugly Mandarine

Yiou is a young woman from China studying music in Prague. Her graduation concert is coming, which means her student visa will end with that. Yiou realizes she got into the situation which is much ...
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