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The Ugly Mandarine

Original title: The Ugly Mandarine
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018

Yiou is a young woman from China studying music in Prague. Her graduation concert is coming, which means her student visa will end with that. Yiou realizes she got into the situation which is much more complicated than choosing between two life styles. Being able to stay in Prague also means Yiou could stay with her beloved partner, Greta, a Slovak doctor. The two decide to apply for spouse visa so Yiou could stay. But later on, the rejection on visa application is turning Yiou’s life into a blur of forms and acronyms. Not to mention, the new identity of her is depending on somebody else, which inevitably brings imbalance and inequality into their relationship. When all of these difficulties are compounded, petty fights can easily turn into an emotional war, that eventually kills their relationship, which ironically was the reason motivated them to fight for the visa at the first place.

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