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Kids From East

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2014
KIDS FROM EAST is a movie about children desire for adventure and the power of friendship which develops by common experiencing of danger. Our main hero, 10 years old Sasha, is a member of a children gang of classmates operating at the local concrete housing estate. In order to keep pace with his friends in the gang, he must take part in all the illegal activities like stealing cigarettes in a newsstand, burning lanterns during a procession or wars with bricks at construction site. When doing the illegal activities, Sasha is terrified, particularly during stealing the cigarettes. He is afraid he gets caught and his parents will find out. Finally his parents get to know everything about his rascality during a regular parents meeting at the school. They are told about burning the lanterns to other kids, spraying his teacher’s fur-coat and smoking the cigarettes. Moreover our hero is accused of forcing his classmate smoking using physical compulsion and verbal threats. The traitors are sweetly punished for the false accusation despite Sasha being under a strict supervision of his parents and teachers. (excerpt)
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