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The Beauteous

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2014
Jakub is delicately charming, David magically captivating. They both attract attention of the outer world, but they do not own their lives. The journey to find their own identity, integrity and freedom is not a choice but inevitability. Tender first-year university student Jakub (19) and bewitching male prostitute David (21) live in Prague. Jakub has angel-like appearance, blue eyes, blond hair. He is very gentle and pure. He subordinates himself to the authority of his parents, he is secretly in love with his professor and a strange pair of young freegans is showing him alternative lifestyle. David is dark skin type, dark brown eyes, black hair. Enchanting, passionate, spontaneous, wild, devilish sexy. He is very smart – child of the streets. He is subject to manipulation of his faghag friend, who is in love with him. He is emotionally blackmailed by his disabled mother and relationship with his best customer unexpectedly outgrows the business framework.
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