MIDPOINT Shorts 2013


December 31, 2013



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Film tells the story of Bartek, who is unsuccessfully in love with Alicja - the new girl in a school. He tries to get closer to her, while they're escaping from their parents. Althought Alicja have ...
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Kid, a 23 year old guy comes home from the military first time in 3 months. He is lonely and shy. He lives in the shadow of his elder brother. On the train, he is trying to find his seat. He steps ...
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An awkward teenager sets out on a journey with his father to witness his estranged granfather’s last moments. His reasons for coming along with his father to his home village, a remote place in the ...
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A retirement home. An older man slowly walks towards a sickish woman.Several body and face colors are displayed on a table in front of her. The man and the woman agree without words and he tenderly ...
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The Silent Fall

The Silent Fall is short absurd comedy. Film is mosaic of mini-stories and environment study. Each story connects the basic idea – the loss of humanity in everyday life. In introduction is doctor ...
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