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The Silent Fall

Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2013

The Silent Fall is short absurd comedy. Film is mosaic of mini-stories and environment study. Each story connects the basic idea – the loss of humanity in everyday life. In introduction is doctor Zdeno, who at home going to sleep. However, he is disturbed by arrival of ghost of his patient. They start a conversation together, which maybe does not take place for the first time. This stylized, fairy-tale beginning works as distancing effect, prepares the audience for a non-traditional experience. After the introduction, all mini-stories begin - sort of fragments, which together form a unified form. First is story of son Noro. His father Jozef declines to lend him money. Instead he teaches him a lesson in which the world works as a machine, comparing it to car wash. If you want to have clean car, you have to buy a coupon. Machine does not care if you forgot your money, or if you are in bad financial situation. (excerpt)

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