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Original title: Sirin
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018

After 20 years in France, where she has done everything to build a new identity and erase her origins, NATHALIE comes back to Montenegro in her professional outfit, in order to help her boss VALÉRIE solve a complex and unusual inher-itance case. The deceased, Sanja Djurdjevic, a spinster who’d come from the Balkans but lived in France, has bequeathed a large sum to the Orthodox Church in her hometown, for the construction of a chapel in her name. Once on the ground, the mask that Nathalie has created for herself during all these years abroad be-gins to crack: the legal investigation shifts to a personal interrogation. The only way to resolve this dilemma is to revisit the small village where she was born, and confront the self and the people she left behind: a sister who has made the sacrifice to stay there, taking care of their parents and dealing with a country at war, while Nathalie was building up a new life abroad, trying to have it all.

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