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Original title: Bijuterie
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

Violeta (60) sits under the bright lights of a TV interview. Her intense eyes flare as her mind reels back to: 1985, Kaunas, Lithuania. Violeta (20), now a young mother, sells cheap jewellery at a flea market to make ends meet. She tricks a charming young "businessman" into buying a fake gold watch, unaware that this is Balys, the right-hand-man of the most feared gang in town. Balys realizes her trick, but instead of retribution, he asks for a date. Violeta quickly finds herself in a passionate love affair that leads her out of her miserable life with her abusive first husband and into luxury, passion, and extravagance at the centre of the most dangerous criminal organization in Lithuania’s history. Back in the present, 60-year-old Violeta, a widowed mother of three, struggles to maintain her cool demeanour against the flood of memories. In her mind, this is only the beginning of the final act.

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