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Eleni Dekidis

Profession: Producer
Country: Bulgaria
Eleni Dekidis is a Bulgarian producer and actress with Greek origin. She graduated the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts with Master degree in Film and Tv Production. She has been working for 7 years in all kind of audiovisual projects. Among all of them, cinema remains her passion. Eleni has been involved in the production process of several full length Bulgarian movies- Once Upon a War (a historical drama) and Dante’s Heaven (drama in postproduction). Now she is working on three projects for future movies. She has gathered money for her projects from National Institutions and private investors. She has worked with international teams from USA, Greece, Germany, France, India, Italy, Belgium, etc. Eleni has worked in big advertising projects for brands as Douglas, HP, Green Flag several foreign reality shows - "Tatto Trippers", "Total Divas", as well as in the historical TV show - "The world of Byzantia".
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