MIDPOINT Dramaturgy In The Editing Room 2014


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December 8 - 11, 2014



All them young boys (Jakub)A reencounter of three men going through different stages of their lives who share a common past and related struggles.Jakub is a successful casting producer in his ...
MIDPOINT participants: Carlos BaerCarlos Baer
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Journey to Rome

The work of a good guard never ends although the museum closes everyday at seven p.m. Five minutes after seven Vašek- a 35- year- old guard, is sitting in a café opposite the museum thinking that a ...
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Three young friends from childhood are going on a weekend, to a small house located in the middle of the forest. There is nobody around. Just peace and silence. On their way they take Maya, young ...
MIDPOINT participants: Marcin KaminskiMarcin Kaminski
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Paula is a 19-year-old Erasmus student from Germany. She shares an apartment with Estefania, a student from Spain. Paula fancies a boy from the university, Tobias, but she is too embarrassed for ...
MIDPOINT participants: Milena StanislevikMilena Stanislevik
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Two Buckets of Water

Two buckets of water is a short story based on Saki’s short novel: Sredni Vashtar.In today’s Hungary there are places still existing under the circumstances of a 19th century village. No water, no ...
MIDPOINT participants: Zsofia FilaZsofia Fila
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Group Leader

Ivo Trajkov
Ivo Trajkov is a director, producer and screenwriter. He was born in Skopje, Macedonia and graduated from FAMU in Prague. Upon graduation he decided to stay in Prague and start his career in the ...
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