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Journey to Rome

The work of a good guard never ends although the museum closes everyday at seven p.m. Five minutes after seven Vašek- a 35- year- old guard, is sitting in a café opposite the museum thinking that a date with a ginger beauty is the greatest adventure he could ever run into. He couldn’t be more mistaken. Very soon afterwards he is forced to steal a painting from the museum and smuggle it to Italy. To prove the authenticity of the stolen masterpiece, Vašek visits an Antique shop. The old Antiquarian engages his evil sons to pursue Vašek and get the painting at all costs. Followed by those Antique brothers, Vašek finally gets on the train to Rome. He is the one with the false moustache, he is the pilgrim to the eternal city and he has the stolen and very expensive masterpiece in the package. (excerpt)
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