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What It Feels Like For a Girl

Original title: Tüdrukune
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

After getting fired from a high-end job, Lilian (39), a powerhouse woman, spends the night partying and meets Mona (24), a sensual self-aware beauty. For the first time, Lilian desires a woman but is hesitant to pursue her. She is offered to lead the campaign of the first female prime ministerial candidate of Estonia and, feeling useful again, she dares to secretly date Mona. Once Mona appears at Lilian’s door with all her belongings, their relationship quickly moves from glamorous dates to everyday routine. Lilian, under pressure due to the dirty political games, gets hot-headed at work and controlling at home. When Mona leaves without a hint and her candidate loses the election on the same day as she turns 40, Lilian’s world is crushed. Slowly, she starts picking up the pieces and Lilian finally realizes she has to tell Mona how she feels – no more games, no more secrets.

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