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The Invisible

Original title: Neviditelný

Petr Švajcar is a young handsome man from a very poor background who dreams about becoming somebody. He fought in WWI but after the war ended he struggles to find a decent job. Petr believes only in himself and has a rational, logical approach to life. A mutual friend introduces him to Soňa a young intellectual, daughter of a rich entrepreneur. Petr sees his chance and very skillfully plans the seduction of Soňa in which he succeeds. Soňa’s father trusts his daughter decision and as they are quickly engaged he moves to her house. There, Petr finds a family secret Soňa was too ashamed to tell him. Her uncle Cyril is crazy and believes that he is invisible. The whole family sees him as harmless and they play along his game. They all treat him as invisible. It is Petr who does not respect the rules because he does not understand why so many people should suffer because of one madman. It goes strongly against his perspective of life.

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