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The Contest

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2014
Step on a huge map of continents with outlined states inside of it. The rules are simple. Stay within the borders of your state and do not fall asleep. If you hear the chicken dance music, start to dance. The break is after 20 hours. The prize is simple – a new beginning for you in a state of your choice. Are you up to it? Do you have what it takes? These are the rules of The Contest organized by a travel agency. It takes place in a huge shopping centre in Slovak Republic. It is the last chance for the two owners of the agency – Erika and Timo. If the presales won´t go up they are done. Psychologists say that you need to be at a certain point in your life in order to participate. And they are certainly right when it comes to Tina. She is a desperate woman in her late twenties and she wants to be a superstar. However, she has no recognizable talent. She can´t even sing. The Contest is her last chance.  Her boyfriend Leo is at least super good looking. But he has no interest in winning. He is doing it for her. Or so he says. (excerpt)
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