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Some Birds

Original title: Valami Madarak
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2019

Aging, lonesome Bela (78) is moved to a nursing home against his will by his son, where he must spend his days with an impulsive girl Zoe (17) who is sentenced to do social work. They both struggle with their families: Béla wants to prove to his son that he is capable of living independently. Zoe’s fear of becoming like her deeply unhappy mother is so strong, that she keeps rejecting the boy she likes. When Bela decides to get out of the home, Zoe embarks on a journey with him through the bureaucracy of the Hungarian healthcare system to prove that he is self-sufficient. The time they share and the experiences they encounter turns them into allies, enabling them to confine in each other. Although Bela fails his goal, the trust and warmth they gain from this friendship enable them both to accept reality.

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