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Participated in: MIDPOINT Smash Cut 2022

One cabin, ten classmates, eleven different stories.


Snowflakes is a series about ten high school classmates who are trapped in a cabin’s attic during a heavy snowstorm that has taken them by surprise by the end of their school skiing trip. The electricity stops working and out of boredom, they decide to narrate short stories. Through this idea, each of them has the chance to reflect on their specific life experiences. Each episode mirrors our characters’ personalities by focusing on a different topic, theme, and genre. For example, the narration and style of a love story helps one of a students to come out to his classmates. On the other hand notorious slasher genre conventions are used to tell a story about bullying and show the fear to stand up for yourself. The application of various genres offers us a chance to make each episode playful and distinctive. The more light-hearted episodes inspired by musicals or cooking shows are mixed with darker episodes that explore the topics of toxic masculinity or first drug experiences.

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