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Mr. Moonlight

Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2012

Rodin is a 50 years old man, jobless, living with his father in a small town, set in an unspecific country, in an unspecific time. It could be the '60s, as the interior design and the clothing suggest, but it might as well happen today – a nostalgic time in the life of those people that continue living in the past. Rodin is a strange man, used to living alone, having a very specific schedule and being very responsible regarding his own principles. His relationship with his father, „The Rat” as he calls him, is not one of the best. The two hate each other and try to avoid one another as much as possible. Still, it is obvious that Rodin dealt with a traumatizing infancy, because he’s somehow still afraid of his dad, being paranoid most of the times as he hears footsteps behind his door. (excerpt)

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