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Love is a Pitch

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2023
Country: Slovakia

A bunch of girls going through their 30-something crisis decide to embark on a doomed to fail enterprise, joining the second football league championship. Beating one catastrophe after another, they tackle their personal crises and try to survive as a team in this quirky broke-girls sports dramedy.

A group of quirky, dubiously skilled women in their 30s joins a second league football championship. Just as the reality of muddy pitches and experienced opponents sobers them up, they realize that the price to give up is just €10.000 too high. Their unconventional damage control, from recruiting players on Tinder to stalking their nemesis's new girlfriend, shakes up their personal lives. Through it all, they learn that their newfound community is the victory they didn’t achieve in the game.

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