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Original title: Layby

Kieran is a thirty-six-year-old British lorry driver and he loves it. He loves the freedom. He loves the solitude. But most of all, he loves the sex. He’s constantly cruising in service stations, truck stops and laybys but he uses his nomadic life on the road to avoid facing up to his past back home.

The story follows him on a consignment to Poland where he reluctantly agrees to help Aleksy, a volatile and beguiling young man desperate to escape homophobic persecution in Poland.

Over an intense few days, they begin to fall for each other but when Kieran finds out that Aleksy is on the run and wanted for murder, their newly formed relationship begins to unravel. As Kieran wrestles with his own fractured past, he must decide what he is willing to risk in order to help this stranger.

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