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I Want to Resurrect Your Father

Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2012

KAMELIA's(65 y.) cat Gabe has passed. Her daughter MARIE (35 y.) has brought her husband JORDAN (33 y.) and her children to the small village. At the funeral things escalate to ridiculous proportions as KAMELIA calls for catching the alleged (suspected) murderer of the cat and neighbor FILIP (65 y.). As if this isn't enough for MARIE, she also receives the news from the cemetery office that her father, who has been buried for 35 years, needs to be incinerated. The same night MARIE decides to stay with her mother, despite her having a deadline at work. JORDAN, unemployed and very good in handling such situations offers to stay, but MARIE declines, insisting she knows her mother better. JORDAN leaves with the children. (excerpt)

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