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Brain Drain

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2023

Serbia, 2033. Over the past decade, not much has changed for the struggling country (surprise - still not in the EU) - apart from becoming a hot luxury travel destination. All thanks to flexible government regulations and Playground, a controversial enterprise popularly dubbed “Air BnB for bodies”. Wealthy tourists pour to Belgrade craving the ultimate thrill - short term accommodations in the bodies of young locals. But NINA (30), an aspiring saleswoman, envisions a greater purpose. Why settle for cliché rentals when they can offer truly transformative, life-changing experiences? Why rent just a body, when you can rent actual lives? The demand for Nina’s authentic offers skyrockets, propelling her up the corporate ladder. But the higher she climbs, the more she uncovers shady dealings and disastrous ethical implications of her too-good-to-be-true employer. Nina finds herself torn between ambition and her own humanity, realizing that some things in life should never have a price tag.

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