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Brain Drain

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2023

2033. Unlike the EU, controversial body renting technology is legal for commercial use in Serbia, where countless tourists now pour in to experience their unique getaway trip. Through with, grit and sometimes dubious tactics, Nina (29), a small-town girl in the capital of Belgrade, climbs her way out of poverty and gets employed as a concierge at a renowned international corporation. Her job - connecting wealthy clients with prime real estate - the attractive bodies of young locals. Nina dreams about leaving Serbia to start a new life for herself abroad but is burden by debts, especially medical bills for treating her younger sister's rare disease. Attempting to make a big score, Nina slides into an illegal body renting operation. But when the body of a prominent client goes missing, Nina struggles to save her own neck while diving deeper into a dangerous conspiracy at the heart of the corporation.

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