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Behind the Wall

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2023

When her power-drunk father Klement dies of old age, 35-year-old businesswoman Triska returns to the Czech Republic from the United States to claim what’s now hers: the run-down apartment building she used to call home. But Czech bureaucracy delays her plans to take over by a 6-month process.

And in those 6 months, her claim to the building is in dispute – leaving the building with potential for takeover.

Contenders for ownership include Klement’s younger lover Ludmila, to whom he was briefly engaged – a fact she wields over Triska’s head like a weapon of legality. Taking her on is Klement’s stern right-hand man Josef, who may or may not have embezzled money from him ... which he may or may not need to keep Triska from discovering.

This struggle for ownership rocks the building’s ecosystem, particularly for the families who’ve been there longer than Triska’s been alive. This includes the multigenerational Vlcek family, whose history intertwines with Klement’s – and whose matriarch Agata plays more sides than an octagon’s. The social justice warrior Kasparov twins bring their own flavor of ruckus, especially when the elder one develops a not-so-welcome crush on Triska. But Triska may find a friend in opera singer Milos ... unless his older, more powerful boyfriend Antonin gets in his ear first.

All Triska wants to do? Look ahead and make the damn place work for once!

Doesn’t matter. These tenants are used to a certain way of life, which is turned upside down by Triska’s arrival. Her ideas to renovate the building, doing away with its committee-based structures, upset the status quo to the extreme.

Falling deeper and deeper into the fight for the building's soul pushes Triska to the verge of an unwelcome realisation: she's not as different from her father as she thought. That puts her smack-dab in the crosshairs of a certain, vengeful tenant. Will she realise in time to stay alive?

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