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Behind the Wall

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2023
Country: Czech Republic

Chaos unfurls in a historic Prague apartment complex as Czech-American Triska (35) returns from the United States to inherit her father's building. Over the six months, the power games between Triska and the tenants grow increasingly devious, as the fight for their way of life takes center stage.

Before he dies, apartment complex owner wants to see his estranged daughter. Triska Rose abides, flying to Prague for the first time since leaving for the states as a teenager. But he dies while she’s on the flight, leaving building-wide confusion in his wake. It’s at his wake that Triska discovers what’s really going on here: a war has erupted for the building’s new ownership. In the six months, Triska and the tenants forge alliances, backstab one another, and even launch political campaigns.

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