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Original title: Balaur
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018

Mrs. Ivanovici (35), mother of three, lives in a small, traditional Romanian town. She has a monotonous marriage with an older priest and teaches religious studies at high school. One day, Mrs. Ivanovici challenges Iuliu, a 16-year-old audacious student, to the point of insulting him. When Iuliu confronts her, she is surprised, but she apologizes and gives him a lift home. This ride proves to be the start of a sexual relationship between Mrs. Ivanovici and Iuliu. After Mrs. Ivanovici starts raising barriers, Iuliu fights back using the weapon she knows best – religion. He starts confessing to her husband, the town priest, and he calls Mrs. Ivanovici so she can hear the confessions live. Scared, Mrs. Ivanovici fights back as Iuliu’s tactics become obsessive. With all her certainties questioned, Mrs. Ivanovici confronts Iuliu and she finds out that beyond this evil mask, there is a lonely and scared person, like her.

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