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Anatomy of a Crime

Participated in: MIDPOINT TV Launch 2018

In 1969, an unfathomable murder stuns a secluded village in Yugoslavia: a pregnant woman is killed and her baby cut out and taken from her. VAHIDA HODŽIĆ (27), a childless village woman who claimed the murdered woman’s baby as her own, stands accused of the murder. Despite the incriminating circumstances, she pleads innocence. Sensing that the case is psychologically far more complex than meets the eye, the most prominent Belgrade lawyer, PETAR MANAKI (65), decides to take charge of the beautiful VAHIDA’s defence, running up against widespread popular anger. His struggle for Vahida’s life will lead to the unravelling of the many dark secrets of this village cut off from the world that will forever change the lives of its residents.

The series follows the investigation and the trial, through to the final verdict, as well as the significant events and specific circumstances surrounding the murder.

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