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Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2022

When a body is discovered in an Athens squat in an abandoned hotel earmarked for redevelopment by a huge multinational building firm, its status as a safe-haven for refugees, the homeless and the dispossessed is thrown into chaos. 


The story unfolds in and around the abandoned Hotel Olympia, a self-governed squat in a run-down Athens neighbourhood, home to anarchists, refugees, unemployed Greeks, artists: a veritable tower of babel of the dispossessed. The Hotel is under constant threat of eviction by Orion, a multinational construction company that is trying to redevelop the neighbourhood. 

When a dead body is discovered during a party, Tina persuades Yanis and Samira to cover up the incident, convinced the authorities would shut the squat immediately if they found out. Her decision sparks a chain of events none of them could have predicted and throws the very existence of the Olympia and all it stands for into chaos.

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