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Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2022

The story unfolds over the course of two weeks in the run-up to the eviction of a squat in a run-down Athens neighbourhood. Hard times forced Yanis and Maria to move here from the rich suburbs. A huge squat in the abandoned HOTEL OLYMPIA has become a focus of local attention. Set up by a committed group of Greek refugee rights activists, it’s home to a vibrant, eclectic community of refugees from many different countries, cultures and backgrounds. All decisions are taken at weekly residents’ assemblies. Tina lives and works in the squat with Samira. Samira is torn between staying and trying to get to Germany by paying a people smuggler. Alexis wants everyone evicted so his corrupt promoter boss can redevelop the site. Yanis is torn between the two of them. The main dramatic question is how will everyone react to the closure of the squat and the destruction of their community, their home.

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