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Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2022

Hard times force neo-nazi Yanis and his leftist parents to move from Athens' wealthy suburbs to Kyspéli, the immigrant district where he lived as a kid. Yanis' parents volunteer at a local refugee camp alongside Tina, a committed anti-nazi militant and childhood friend of Yanis; and Sami a doctor who fled Syria after ISIS killed his gay lover. Yanis renews contact with Alexis, whom he admired growing up and who now heads a local neo-nazi group. He adopts Alexis as a surrogate father.

Alexis orders an attack on a group of refugees and Yanis fights Sami. Sami badly beats Yanis but Tina persuades him to treat his wounds at the camp. Yanis realises with horror he is falling in love with Sami. Sick with self-hate for fleeing when his lover was arrested, Sami struggles with his feelings towards Yanis.

When Alexis orders Yanis to kill Sami, he must choose. Does he kill the man he loves and lose Tina and his family? Or does he betray his newfound father and become an outcast himself?

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