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Taras Lesiuk

Profession: Director, Writer
Country: Canada

Taras has always been a storyteller. As a creative, Taras has worked as a filmmaker, an actor, a writer, a producer, a cinematographer and an editor - allowing him to truly understand each step of the process. As a filmmaker, his most recent short film Flyer Boys has been presented at international film festivals and received an Audience Choice Award at the San Jose Int’ Short FIlm Festival. Along with other established Toronto-based creatives, he led an important initiative, Blink Twice Films: an anthology of one-minute short films created specifically for digital distribution. Taras’ leadership within this endeavour helped bolster the creative community and inspired the next generation of young artists. In 2021, he launched Gambade Films with Annick. His feature film screenplay for The Apartment in Lviv was chosen as 1 of 25 international projects to be featured at the Canada-Ukraine CoProduction Conference.

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