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We Come From Here

Original title: Ми Родом Звідси

As the war breaks out in February 2022, Mykola, a Ukrainian-born Canadian, travels back to Ukraine to convince his ailing grandmother, Vera, to leave before it might be too late. When he unexpectedly gets flagged at the border for his Ukrainian citizenship he is forced to remain due to the conscription for men but Vera is able to escape to Spain. Between air raids and bomb sirens, Mykola desperately works with his Canadian lawyer to find a way to leave, all the while finding community among the volunteers, and connecting especially with a handsome restaurant owner. Vera on the other hand, tries to adjust to life in a picturesque Spanish seaside city surrounded by her grandkids, endless sunshine and none of the comforts of her life back in Lviv. An unexpected love interest combined with unnerving experiences during a war that has him rediscovering his home country in its most tumultuous time, push Mykola to reconsider what his real vocation might be - and where he truly comes from.

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