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Malgorzata Pilacinska

Profession: WriterWriter
Country: Poland

Journalist and screenwriter. Graduate of the Faculty of Journalism at the University of Warsaw. Participant of the UGC Writers Campus Seriesmania Festival in 2019 and the 2nd edition of the Script Atelier.

Her debut feature film script I miss you was in the final of the 7th edition of ScriptTeast. For her mini-series project Smokey Eyes she received a special award at the 2018 Odessa IFF and for her second feature script, Sara's Bungalow, she received the main prize in the 2021 Script Wars Competition.

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During one of the first rescue missions under Marta command, a Swedish yacht mysteriously goes missing. This incident hooks the attention of Zora, Swedish prosecutor. The women join forces to ...
MIDPOINT participants: Kaja JalochaMalgorzata Pilacinska
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Sara's Bungalow

SARA and INKAR were happily married. When the anti-aging vaccine was invented, they promised each other to age together, naturally. But Inkar betrayed Sara, and secretly took the vaccine. The film ...
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