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Gatis Murnieks

Profession: Writer
Country: Latvia
Gatis Murnieks (37) is a copywriter and creative director for more than sixteen years. He grew up in a video rental in Riga watching 3 to 4 VHS cassettes per day shaping his later love for storytelling and cinema. Today Gatis is an award-winning multi-disciplinary writer for new media formats and branded content, concerts, music videos. In 2014 Gatis did a whole year of pro bono work at the National Library of Latvia before going back to Russia for the second time in his career to write and supervise branded content for the whole Eastern European region. Three years later Gatis left advertising to join Stereotactic – an independent film production in Moscow. His concept and script for S7 Airlines became the Best Advertising Film in Russia. Gatis is also a highly visual creative, which he proved in 2018 by creating the 100th Anniversary logo of Latvia. Now Gatis is working on his first feature film script in Riga, a debut TV series in Moscow and personal projects in Amsterdam and Paris.
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