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Original title: Usud
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

In a Slavic pagan village, two brothers - hard-working Mladen and lazy Radovan - inherit a farm after their parents die. Mladen’s frustration with his brother’s relaxed attitude leads to the division of the estate, after which Mladen’s luck takes a turn for the worse: grains don’t grow, fruit rots, animals die and the troubles don’t subside despite his diligence. When everything fails, he sets out to find the reason behind his misfortune, starting a long and adventurous journey to Usud, the god responsible for assigning destinies to people. It turns out that Usud has no real power or knowledge, but simply assigns destinies based on a predetermined set of rules. Mladen returns to his village broken, but wiser, trying to reconcile with his brother and unite the family property again.

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