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Two Times One

Original title: ДВА ПЪТИ ЕДНО
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

Victor, a charismatic politician, aims to become an MP when his 10-year-old son, Dani, reenters his life after the sudden death of his mother. Victor adapts with the bravado of a man who is used to be in control. Quick to turn vulnerability into advantage, he tries to fold Dani into the world of political backroom dealings. Dani, however, finds himself out of his element and retreats, becoming more of a silent witness. As the stakes rise for Victor, so does the disturbing effect of Dani’s presence. Grasping for a quick fix, Victor leaves Dani in the care of the boy’s grandmother in a distant village. But just when Victor has cleared the way to his goal, it begins to lose its allure. Deprived of his drive and alertness, Victor is blindsided by a set up that ends his political career. Victor heads back to get Dani. The journey, however, might be longer than he had hoped for.

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