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Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2015

BUDA (44) works as a court bailiff: he seizes valuables and evicts people from their homes. He is perfect in his job. Buda is divorced and sees his son, ARON (18) only on the weekends. One day, he learns that his son is struggling with his homosexuality. He is in a shock and cannot accept the news, but keeps working: this time he evicts an old lady, MRS SZABO (72). The old lady is so desperate that she finally decides to blow herself up with her gas cylinder. Even tough Buda doesn't think he is responsible for her death he gets sick from time to time. To calm his remorse, Buda adopts Mrs Szabo's eight cats that survived the explosion. He also goes to the lady's funeral where he meets the old lady’s grandson, a young punk boy, JACINT (19). Buda introduces himself as a distant relative and offers his help. 

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