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The Fragile Beauty of Masculinity

Original title: Křehká krása mužství
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

Adam and Iva have been together for over 15 years, married, with two teenage girls. Everything in their lives would be just ordinary if Adam wasn’t craving to satisfy his thirst for adrenaline so often. Over the course of their marriage, Iva has learned to swim in this pool of aimless risks and macho gestures. She forgives her husband everything – including a nasty accident that costs him a leg or a crazy winter motorbike rally at which he almost dies. After that last nearly fatal injury, Adam ends up in a rehab centre where Iva works as a nurse. Unable to move, he starts to fall in love with Iva anew, whereas she sees that her own inner change and freedom is inevitable, and finally decides not to take any more chances. Adam realizes that too late, but instead of remorse, taking responsibility and putting things in order, he acts as an adrenaline junkie for the last time in his life.

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