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The Fassbinds

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2023
Country: Switzerland, Czech Republic

Fassbind Junior, a kleptomaniac but generous bigger-than-life character fights for his family’s distillery and Grand Hotel in the Swiss Alps, driven by his calling to keep the Fassbind’s business alive during the unpredictable times in between two World Wars.

Two brothers from the eccentric Fassbind family inherit the distillery and Grand Hotel. As genius businessmen, Siegfried invents the first distillery on rails, while Junior fights for the maintenance of the hotel in the turbulent times of a pandemic, the rise of fascism and economic crisis. The early death of his brother makes Junior Fassbind the family’s only heir while challenging him with major tasks to which he reacts in the most original and unpredictable ways. Get ready for the Fassbinds!

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