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The Annunciation

Original title: Благовіщення
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2021-2022

Maria is a single career-driven woman in her mid 30s. A leading IT-firm is offering her an attractive position which, though, means no personal life. Before accepting the offer she needs to see the doctor as she suspects having breast cancer. 

The doctor deduces that Maria is perfectly healthy — yet, pregnant. It is hard for Maria to believe what she is told: she has not had any sex for a long time. In order to verify her “diagnosis” Maria buys a few pregnancy tests. One by one, they turn positive in front of Maria’s eyes. Her friend tries to support her and comes up with some plausible explanations of how Maria could have had sex without noticing it. Yet, Maria has to admit that none of those are near to the truth. 

Maria realizes that nobody in the world is going to believe in her mysterious pregnancy. A casual visit to Maria’s mother brings a sudden insight into what this is all about.

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