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Switch on the Light

Original title: Kur mano sviesa
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2019
Genre: Drama

A wealthy 40 years old narcissistic man starts loosing his sight, so after the doctor's confirmation, that soon he will become completely blind, he at any price decides to memorise every single object in his house in order to pretend for others that he can see. So he spends his days touching every furniture, curtains, carpets in his luxury furnished stylish apartment. He also memorises every single page of his books- where the certain image is placed. The day, when he gets totally blind, he invites people over his place and shows them his room, making remarks about the beauty of the furniture and waiting for the positive answers. He does the same with some art books and asks for confirmation, how formidable is a certain illustration.Finally, he proudly declares, that his room gets such a nice sunlight from the outside, but the forgets to switch on the light so the visitors have to attend the performance in the darkness.

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