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Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2013
KRISTINA (26) observes how her family is definitively falling into pieces after father's wedding with another woman. She doesn't fit to this new family so she's looking for stability at her mother's place. ETELA (52, Kristina's mother) is taking care of grandmother who is going through difficult mental disease. Unfortunately, neither here Kristina can find stability because of grandfather's ghost presence which has been caused by grandmother disease. Etela finds herself in similar situation as Kristina, both of them have to learn to leave their desires and feelings behind and became more mature. For each of them this means something else. Etela finds her way in living without a man and offering to her grandmother a stabile foreground for calm departure of this world. Kristina, on the other side, is trying to find love and believe in it. The appearances of her grandfather's ghost make her uncertain of what is real and what is an illusion. (excerpt)
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