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Palace of Worries

Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2023

The founding of the distillery makes the FASSBINDs become Europe’s leading booze-producers. The fortune made with booze leads its owner G. Fassbind to build a hotel, its name: “Terrace-Palace”. And Palace it was, luxury pure! His son Junior, an eccentric and cultured bon-vivant inaugurates the Summer hotel in 1905 - and invests enormous sums to turn it into a Winter Palace, as alpine tourism became popular among the rich and famous. Hence already at its start, the “Terrace-Palace” was heavily indebted - a “Palace of Worries”, as the family calls it. Eventually, in 1913/14 the hotel with guests from Europe’s aristocracy and economic Upper Class had its best season and first profits! Then: outbreak of WWI, closure of the hotel, re-start and soon The Great Depression. It was only thanks to the distillery’s income that the hotel could be kept functioning - until the outbreak of WWII. After a desperate last re-opening in 1946, hosting refugees and American GIs, the hotel has to be sold.

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