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Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2013
East Slovakia, the village of Vojany. A crowd gathers in front of the local thermal power station: the owners of the factory are planning to close the power plant down, which would lead to hundreds of layoffs. A man stands out of the crowd: not only because he is unusually tall but somehow he seems to be out of place. He is Ágoston, an introverted engineer of 50 who leads a quiet life and enjoys fishing. But soon he will be engineer no more and has to look for new job perspectives. This is how Ágoston's North Eastern European Odyssey begins. Since it is virtually impossible for him to find a job in the country he welcomes the proposition of a foreigner he meets in a bar to go work abroad. The foreigner, a Czech man runs an agency that arranges labour exchange and is currently looking for welders for a shipyard in Liepaja, Latvia. The promise of the sea where he could finally catch some big fish really appeals to Ágoston. And after all, there is no reason for him to stay at home: his daughters are barely visiting and his family life with his wife has grown cold a long time ago. (excerpt)
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