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Night Shift

Original title: Night Shift
Participated in: MIDPOINT Shorts 2021-2022

Strait-laced cadet Yasin is assigned to his first shift guarding the Cypriot coastline from ‘outsiders’. Yasin is excited to be mentored by Gokhan; an exceptional veteran of the border patrol. However after years of service, Gokhan has lost his marbles and is obsessed with baking cakes.

In an absurd display of violence, Gokhan trains Yasin by shooting a boat full of 'outsiders' before presenting Yasin with a cake he has prepared to celebrate his first shift. Yasin eats the cake but vomits, he has a nut allergy. Gokhan is appalled; never has a rookie disrespected him before. Therefore when Leila, an ‘outsider’, washes up alive, Gokhan breaks protocol by having her try his cake.

Yasin fears Leila has hypnotised Gokhan, something they are warned outsiders can do. Unable to reason with Gokhan, Yasin shoots Leila dead. Shell-shocked, Gokhan walks off into the ocean, disappearing into a distant unknown.

With his first kill under his belt, Yasin takes up the mantle to be part of the Night Shift.

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