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Neither Voice

Original title: Noben glas
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2020

Ida (10) lives in a village in the 70s Yugoslavia. While her parents argue she listens to obituaries with her Grandma who means the world to Ida. One day, Grandma collapses while watering the flowers on the local graveyard. Ida panics. Suddenly a beautiful singing starts resounding out of nowhere and Grandma finally gets up. Astonished by the power of singing, Ida decides to join the school choir to save Grandma from dying. Being an awful singer, she is rejected until a shy girl named Terezka helps her out. Their joy doesn't last long as Ida finds out her Dad is cheating on Mom and instead of singing, she finds herself on a bus to Mom's family in Serbia where she spends the summer. She longs to get back to Grandma and constantly fights with Mom. When she returns home, Ida finds Grandma ill and the family falling apart, but she tries to grow up and embrace the change.

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