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Looking for Venera

Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2015

Skopje. Airport. A taxi-driver DIMO (35) is waiting to get some passengers. ARTAN (30) approaches Dimo and ask to bring him to the border with Kosovo. They spend a great time together. Artan tells Dimo he is going back to Kosova to get married with a girl he met through internet. Dimo is surprised: “how can you marry someone that you never met ?”. Artan laughs. Artan invites Dimo to his wedding. There will be a car waiting for Artan, Dimo sees him passing the border and drives back.
The day of the wedding Dimo comes to the hotel to be told that the wedding is canceled since the groom never came in Kosova. Dimo is shocked. There comes VENERA. Dimo says he’s a friend and that he is surprised Artan never showed up. She doesn’t trust him. She leaves. Dimo is about to go but something makes him stay. Later they meet again. Dimo tells her the truth, he also mentioned the car that was waiting for Artan. Venera thinks it could have been Artan’s uncle who lives in a deep village. Dimo, has a car she can’t wait to know so they go on. (excerpt)

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