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Leave the Door Open

Original title: Ostavi vrata otvorena
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2021

Four different families arrive at an overcrowded furniture store in Zagreb, all hoping that by rearranging their homes in the Scandinavian style they will also rearrange their lives. Unconsciously, they are also hoping to escape their Balkan identity and the uncertainty it brings. However, the claustrophobic store is a breeding ground for collective anxiety that makes some characters hysterical. The complex family relationships turn out to be entangled and, as hidden frustrations and family secrets surface, all the characters get into arguments, some of which end brutally. Some of them silently cry while others get lost, run, and hide from one another and change their lives. Suddenly, they are interrupted by the same event - a man has lost consciousness in the store lobby. By listening in through a public announcement system, they are faced with their realities and must make radical decisions.

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