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Participated in: MIDPOINT Series Launch 2022

At just 37, Maja’s only a step away from startup success. Already 37, Maja still doesn’t have kids. She’s always thought that she wanted children – someday. Her husband, Mikołaj, has always been eager for kids, but their relationship has cooled lately. Her father, however proud he is of her career, also keeps pushing Maya to expand the family. When her period is late the day before a key business meeting, Maja’s reaction shows that no matter what she says, she’s not ready to be pregnant now. So when a doctor tells her she has just months to conceive, her world is turned upside-down. Plus, some of her business partners have other priorities: they want a quick profit on their shares, while Maya’s idea is to build an impactful organization. They plot against her to deprive her of her own company.

All these relationships are upended as Maja struggles to figure out what she wants, and when. Ovulation trackers, freezing eggs, hormonal yoga: at first it’s just another project, more obstacles to overcome. Meanwhile, she’s fighting for her professional survival. Maya has to ask what really matters, and this ripples out from her bubble. Ultimately, it’s not just another project: the real challenge is to free herself from the structures imposed by those around her.

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