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Original title: DODOMU
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018

Crimean Tatar Mustafa (51 y.o.) and his younger son Alim (17 y.o.) is coming to Kiev to take the body of died Nazim (27 y.o.) — Mustafa’s elder son. Father is willing to bury him at his native Crimea. On their way to Crimea they are staying in the village, where local cheaters are stealing all their money and documents. They have no chance to cross the boundary, so men are trying to hide died Nazim. They are disclosed by Ukrainian military men. Alim and his father could escape from the border. Mustafa has an argue with border guards and drives away. They are coming to the village, where Refat is living, Mustafa’s younger brother, whom he hasn’t talked to for 25 years. Refat helped them to cross the boundary via a bay. On the shore of Sivash lake, they leave the body on a boat, but the boat begins to leak. At dawn, Mustafa all alone reaches the coast of the Crimea. He sits on the seashore and looks at the water.

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