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From Space With Love

Original title: От космоса с любов

Bulgaria, 1990. ANGELINA (14) is smart, beautiful and has the unusual ability to heal people with her energy. She practises this esoteric activity at home, secretly from her father, ANTON (37), but strongly encouraged by her mother, LORA (36). When Lora loses her job and the family situation starts getting worse, the woman interprets this as a clear sign for the long-awaited arrival of the extra-terrestrials on Earth and the consequent new order in which she and her daughter will play an essential role. Lora makes Angelina quit school, so they both can dedicate themselves completely to the Mission. When Angelina fails to cure the progressive blindness of one of her patients, the faith in the special Mission is undermined. Angelina gets depressed and starts realising that Lora constantly changes her revolutionary theories in order to fit the reality. The girl spins relentlessly into the destructive spiral of loneliness and isolation.

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