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Clearing clouds

Original title: Tiszta égbolt
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2024
Country: Hungary

Klára and Peter have been married for fifty years. Klára has been suffering from dementia for years, and Peter takes care of her with devotion and love. As Peter's fatigue from the constant care becomes unbearable, his family takes Klara to a day-care centre. Peter gains  time for himself and he finds joy in tending his loved vineyard again. There he meets a new neighbor, Andrea, a woman ten years younger than him and they fall in love. When Klara escapes from the care centre and unconsciously walks out to the vineyard, she finds his husband making love with Andrea. The next morning Klara recognize her family members, she is aware of her condition and she remembers that Peter was not alone out in the vineyard. Peter’s new relationship is tested by Klára's sudden lucidity, he has to face his own conscience,  marriage and his family, who are not ready for Peter to move on.

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