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Original title: BRAZIL
Participated in: MIDPOINT Feature Launch 2018

Christos, a headstrong rationalist – is diagnosed with ALS. The disease is always fatal for all patients. Desperate, he decides to travel to Brazil and look for the renowned healer João de Deus. However, the disease has already paralyzed his legs and Christos needs the assistance of an escort. Friends and relatives are not willing to follow him in this adventure, but Christos finds the solution he needs in Alexis, his son’s best friend, an artist who leads an aimless life with no responsibilities or plans for the future. The personalities of the two men are radically different and their trip is full of tension and confrontations. When they arrive to João’s reservation – a unique place full of rituals and mysteries, Christos strives to find the miracle he so desperately needs. His struggle will eventually force him to confront his very self: his prejudices and fears, that defined his life so far.

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